Sunday, August 21, 2011

Primary Experience

Today at church, I got asked to teach one of the junior primary classes because the teachers hadn't shown up. I was a little nervous since I didn't even know what I was going to teach about. But it turned out to be a great spiritual experience for me and the kids. We learned about the betrayal, arrest, and trial of Christ. None of the kids had heard about it, so they listened intently. They started asking about baptisms for the dead, if Christ and God were married, why satan wasn't ugly with horns (made me laugh that they thought this), it was a lesson lead by the Spirit. Then, in singing time, I had a great personal experience. I have been teaching the Sunbeams and 3 year olds for awhile now and I can't handle it sometimes. It really bothered me since I want to be an Elementary teacher, but I kept thinking,"How can I be a teacher when I can't handle teaching kids?" But today when teaching those older kids (8-10), it was a wonderful time. We had so much fun joking while learning. I realized that I was making the right choice by going into teaching for 4-6 graders. It was a great blessing that I am very grateful for. I am glad that my Savior listens and answers the pleadings in my heart and prayers.


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