Sunday, October 2, 2011

Homemade Lasagna/ Straw Maze

On Friday, Trevor and I had a double date with our neighbors, Camille and Zach. Camille is on one of Education classes and Trevor helps them out in Primary. Camille and I both love Italian food so we thought it would be fun to have an Italian Dinner Date. I made homemade lasagna and she made her amazing homemade breadsticks. I had tried making lasagna before, but I didn't put enough sauce in it and it turned out dry. This time though, it turned out SO GOOD! I was worried the whole time it was cooking until I took a bite.
Me, just about to put the lasagna in the oven. 
The final product! Don' t you wish you could have some?

After dinner, we decided to play some game, Bananagrams and the Dice Game, as we waited for it to get dark so that we could go to the Straw Maze. Once it was dark enough, we headed to the maze. When we got there, there was a giant camel there! It was so random. Trevor wanted to get a picture with it, so we went over there. I stood next to the camel, who kept sniffing my hair and face and on the other side of me was a creepy masked guy whispering things like, "Remember to smile big". "Don't forget to smile". Just as Zach was about to take the picture, the camel sneezed in my ear!!! It was so gross! Trevor was laughing his head off. There was snort all over my hear and inside my ear. The place didn't have any napkins, so the creepy guy lent me his sleeve to wipe it off. It was very nice of him. After all that, went went inside the maze and had a great time. It took us a little over a hour and a half to get through. We didn't know it was going to be a haunted maze, but it made it a lot of fun. The chainsaw man was the scariest part. It was a super fun night!

A creepy clown that stood at the entrance of the maze.


M said...

Your lasagna looks like it was way better than mine. Good job!

Allison Rowe said...

No way! Yours looks so much better. No joke :)

Trevor said...

Megan, you're right, Allie's does look better and tasted great. I'm not a big of lasagna but this was tazty.

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