Thursday, September 27, 2012

Family Home Evening

Our friends Zach, Camille and their baby boy Zeke along with our friends Hilary, Ben, and their baby girl Nora decided that every other Monday will would do FHE together. We have enjoyed  doing this because most times Trevor and I don't have FHE. It is hard to do just because it seems like there isn't that much that we an do. Trevor and I had the lesson for this past Monday's FHE and I decided to do a Mormon Message. I found this great one called, "Opportunities to do Good". I cried my eyes out when I first watched it but that could have been because it was 3 o'clock in the morning and I was super tired. But it  is a must watch. It has so many lessons that we can learn from like how important service is and what can happen when members get together in faith.

For dessert, we all decided to go to Kiwi Loco, a frozen yogurt place. So after the lesson we bundled up our babies, put them in the strollers and away we went.

Lola has about 6 hats but most of them weren't that warm since they were just crocheted ones with big holes. So we had to resort to this cute owl hat that a friend in our ward made for her. It was a little big but it was warm. Isn't she just the cutest thing?! I give her probably a hundred kisses a day. Thank goodness she doesn't mind me kissing her...for now.

We love this face she made. 

Daddy and Lola together. I like how it looks like Lola is smiling for the camera.

I should have taken pictures of us all eating our frozen yogurt and all the other babies. I will have to remember that next time. Tomorrow, Hilary, Camille, and I are going to make fall wreaths for our girls craft day. I am pretty excited. I am going to make this Apple Strudel Caramel Coffee Cake for us to snack on. Stop drooling! :)


M said...

Allison, this template is so cute! I watched that video too just a few days ago and I love it. And of course I love seeing pictures of Lola!

Phil and Pat said...

Oh, those pictures are so cute of Lola. We haven't seen her for awhile. We need to do lunch!

Allison Rowe said...

It has been a while since we have come up to see you guys, Pat. Time just escapes us now more than before. We will make sure that we come up soon. And thanks Megs! I couldn't have had this cute template if it wasn't for your help. We are super excited to see you at Thanksgiving.

Joey and Whitney Plumb said...

This makes me miss Rexburg...well the people in Rexburg I guess. I want to hang out with you guys!

Allison Rowe said...

You guys are missed. We are excited for you to come back this winter. You can take Hilary, Ben, and Nora's spot in our FHE group when they leave.

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